The Magician King

Lev Grossman

Some books are better the second time around. It had been so long since I had read the first two books in the trilogy, I didn’t want to go into the third without refreshing my memory of events from the first two.

I like this book much better than the first book. Quinton is older and the story has lost the comparison to Harry Potter and Narnia that the first book had. This protagonist has grown and matured.

He spends a lot of time being flung unexpectedly out of Fillory and trying to find his way back into the magic land. In his quest for seven keys, he seems to spend as much time out of Fillory as in it. While out of Fillory his path crosses once again with Julia. She has spent her time becoming a master hedge witch and her magic skills are equal to Quinton. She has her own regrets. She spends time with Free Trader Beowulf with tragic results.

She helps Quinton complete the quest for the keys, but the result is what neither of them expect.