Aayan Hirsi Ali


This is a book about an outspoken and incredibly intelligent, strong, woman, who refuses to just shut up and go away. Born in Somalia, she eventually makes her way to Holland, where she finds her voice and place in Dutch politics. Eventually, the cost of protecting her becomes so prohibitive, that she is forced to leave.

I found her courage remarkable, and her story fascinating.


The Handmaid’s Tale

Margaret Atwood


The first two times I read this book, I found it interesting but far-fetched. This time, it is chilling and plausible. Atwood seems almost prophetic in her look at the future. Women are chattel, valued for their ability to bear children. Fertile women are allocated to powerful men, and bear their name: Offred, Ofglen, etc. Their own names and identities are properties of the state.
Atwood doesn’t need my praise, but I’m willing to add my voice to the chorus of praise the this prophetic book.