All Things Wise and Wonderful

James Herriot

All Things Wise and Wonderful  (All Creatures Great and Small, #3)

This entertaining story carries on where the other books left off. It is mostly his account of his experiences in the RAF during WWII. Many things that happen to him during basic training and learning to be a pilot remind him of his experiences as a county vet, so we get a double set of memories.

Each chapter tells a bit of his experience during training and a look back at some memorable animal or character, all entertaining. If you liked Herriot’s other books, this will appeal to you as well.


All Creatures Great and Small

James Herriot


I remember reading this book several years ago, and when it turned up on one of my subscription lists for low-cost books, I decided to give it a reread. I’m glad I did. The innocent charm is still there, without any hint of sentimentality. Herriot remembers his coming to Darrowby as a newly graduated veterinary surgeon with the ink drying on his certificate with humor and good will. His many adventures with large animals in the field and small animals in the office is endearing.

Would that all my books aged this well.