Margaret Atwood


Felix Phillips, renowned director, is too busy with his production to watch his back. His trusted right-hand man, Tony, schemes and plots his downfall. Felix is ousted, replaced by Tony. Crushed, Felix retires to a small cabin to lick his wounds and dream of revenge. He gets his opportunity as director of a prison drama program. After two other productions, he decides to put on The Tempest and invite Tony and other dignitaries to view his production and his humiliation. Calling on an old friend to choreograph the dance scenes and using the prisoners as his accomplices, he sets in motion an elaborate plan to get revenge.

He gets his revenge, but also an unexpected healing. Haunted by the death of his daughter Miranda, he finds an ultimate release from her ghost and a fulfillment in working with the prisoners. What originated as merely a tool for revenge has become a means of release from the prison of hatred and memory that had incarcerated him.

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