Unsettled Spirits

Alice Duncan


The lovely Daisy Majesty is unsettled when she sees images in her crystal ball. She uses it as a prop in her spiritualist act, and she knows it isn’t real. The images, however, lead to the recovery of a lost man and the breaking up of an illegal distillery. Daisy is shaken by the experience but not enough to quench her detective leanings. She sets out to solve the mystery of people dropping dead at communion at her church, and the disapproval of  Det. Sam Rotondo is not enough to dissuade her from poking her nose into police business. Besides, the widow of one of victims has asked for her help.

The delight cozy mystery is the ninth in the series, and I will be sorry when I catch up to the author’s output and have to wait for the next one. The setting, 1920s Pasadena, is as charming as the characters who inhabit the books. Daisy is a delight.


Spirits OnStage

Alice Duncan


Ah, Daisy, you are a delight! The eighth book of the series, and you’re still as fresh and funny as you were in the first. You are perfectly cast as Katisha when your church decides to put on a production of The Mikado.

In between rehearsals and trying to solve a mystery, Daisy and Sam don’t have too much time together, but  that’s all right. It gives their romance time to grow slowly, as it should.

The little glimpses we have of Pasadena in the 1920s add a bit of enjoyment for those of us familiar with the town, and Daisy’s frequent visits to the rich residents give us a peek behind the walls of the mansions we see driving by.