Day Shift

Charlaine Harris


Vampires, shifters, and psychics, oh my! These are just some of the people who make up the population of Midnight, Texas. And yet, they all manage to live in peace unless they are disturbed by outsiders. Then the trouble begins.

I particularly the the pairing of the vampire Lemuel with the mysterious, beautiful and deadly Olivia. Since the inhabitants of Midnight have perfected the art of minding their own business, no one knows exactly what Olivia’s background is. They only know that she’s a good person to leave alone, and that’s OK with them.

I like how Harris’ mind works and how she is able to create a world in which these characters are able to get along with each other. Mostly.


True Alpha (Shifters In Seattle)

Alisa Woods


Maybe it’s age, or long-time exposure to erotica, but sex scenes don’t do it for me. I guess I’m jaded, but they just don’t make my lady parts tingle anymore. Perhaps a younger reader would find more enjoyment.

That being said, the non-sexy parts of the story were pretty good. College girl Mia Fiore is quitting her job at a lousy bar, when she is attacked by three wolves outside. Rescued by a handsome, large wolf, she is saved and escorted safely home. When she reports next day for her internship at a dot-com, guess who her boss is? If you said the sexy, handsome wolf who saved her, you’d be right. He wants her, but has a deep dark secret that keeps him from committing.

Stuff happens, and they get their HEA you’ve been waiting for. Along with the hero/heroine, I enjoyed her roommate Jupiter AKA Jeeter, with her flamboyance and attitude. I wouldn’t mind reading a book about her.