Lucky Beach

JoAnn Bassett


This book was quite a departure for JoAnn Bassett. I’ve read and like all her Islands of Aloha series and her standalone Mai Tai Butterfly. Her heroines are feisty, intelligent and strong. Except for this one. She is too stupid to live, weak, and passive. She doesn’t see how abusive her boyfriend is, but is too enchanted by his performance in bed to notice the warning signs. She is taken in by her friend (?), a real estate agent, who seems only interested in making money off her. All the other characters seem washed out, without the usual piquant personality quirks I have some to expect from Bassett. And her stupid dog, a miniature schnauzer is just annoying.

Everybody can have a bad book, and I will probably buy her next one. Two in a row, and I’ll stop reading.