Desperate Duchesses

Eloisa James


This was my first Eloisa James, and I’m not sure I’ll read another. Aside from the main character’s refreshing dislike of the plot-moppet son of the hero, there wasn’t much to like about this book.





Amanda Quick


I like Amanda Quick a lot, mostly for her independent, strong heroines, but this book just didn’t do it for me. I found her heroine, with her attitude toward the hero silly, and the hero, with his background of piracy combined with a penchant for writing romance novels, unbelievable. The whole book was forgettable.

The plot involved finding a book the heroine believed to be lost turning up again. She and the hero are on a quest to find it. In the search, they fall in love, learn each other’s secrets, and get married.

A light read, for a summer day, but Quick has written better.


Amanda Quick

Ravished by [Quick, Amanda]

This Beauty and the Beast romance features Harriet, a 25-year-old unmarried woman who is more interested in her prehistoric bones than in husband hunting. She believes her bones are safe in a secret cave, until they are threatened by a gang of thieves who use the cave as a hiding place to stash their loot. Afraid of being found out, Harriet enlists the aid of Gideon, the Beast of Blackthorne Hall, a man with scars both on his face and in his soul.

This delightful read is pure Amanda Quick, with memorable characters and believable plot twists and turns. Pure delight.



The Duke and the Domina

Jenn LeBlanc


Oh, boy, did this book ever push my buttons. It had three elements I love: historical romance, time-slip, and light BDSM. Poor Dominatrix Lulu is in the middle of a scene with a client, when she slips and hits her head. When she comes to, she’s exchanged bodies with a Victorian miss, engaged to a duke. We never learn what happened to the Victorian miss, and we don’t care. We are so caught up with Lulu’s relationship with Grayson, the Duke of Warrick.

Fortunately for Lulu, Grayson is a submissive (yes, he wears a corset), so they are able to work things out to their mutual satisfaction, and we go along for the ride.

This book was so engaging and entertaining, I bought another in the series.