Ask Me About My Uterus

Abby Norman


In 2007 experiencing excruciating abdominal pain, Abby Norman started on a long journey to find relief. Fobbed off by doctors who didn’t believe her, she struggled to find a diagnosis and treatment. Finally years later, doing her own research, she discovered endometriosis as the cause of her pain.

Her search didn’t end there. Next she had to find a doctor who would believe her, take her seriously (without her boyfriend accompanying her to attest to her pain), and find an effective treatment.

Just to muddy the waters were her mental problems and instability. Doctor after doctor brushed her off as she proved a difficult patient to treat. When she didn’t respond to their treatment, she was labeled as resistant and mentally ill. Apparently, if you have mental problems, your pain will not be taken seriously. It’s all in your head.

Finally, after years of suffering, Ms. Norman found a doctor and treatment for her condition. Endometriosis is taken more seriously now, and treatment is available.

Her harrowing account of her attempts to find relief should be required reading in medical schools.