The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley

Hannah Tinti


Samuel Hawley is on the run, and he has his daughter Loo with him. His daughter Loo, and his arsenal of guns and rifles, which he teaches her to clean and fire. They move around a lot, then finally stop moving when he returns to the town where he met Loo’s mother Lily and where her mother still lives.

Gradually we learn the story of Samuel and Lily, their love, and what happened to Lily. The framing device is the twelve gunshot wounds on his body. We learn how he received each wound, and in the telling, we learn his backstory. We learn just how much he loved Lily and loves Loo, to the point of being willing to sacrifice everything for her.

This is one of those books that I slowed down as I read it, sometimes only reading a paragraph before I moved on. If I read it slowly, it would last longer. Unfortunately, it came to an end, and I wanted to grab the author and shake a few more chapters out of her. I hope it doesn’t take so long for the next book.