After the Wedding

Courtney Milan


One thing I like about Courtney Milan’s books is their unpredictability. Her characters are all different from what I am used to reading. She seems to have an inexhaustible variety of problems and situations at her finger tips.

This book, unlike some I have read, have two characters who are not at all sure they love one another. Sure, they feel a physical attraction. Certainly, there is mutual respect and friendship, gratitude even. But love? Love, surely, is something quite different. It takes them quite a while to realize that all these elements are present when you love someone.

The hero, who is black by the way, is looking for a love like his parents had. Slow building over the years, not something that can happen in a matter of weeks.

The heroine has never felt love. She thinks she merely doesn’t want to be abandoned again. Of course she loves him. She would love anyone who gave her half a chance. She has been so beaten down by life, she is willing to go with anyone who has a kind word. This can’t be real love.

Both of them are slow to recognize love when it is staring them in the face. But they figure it out. Eventually.

Thanks to Netgalley for ARC.