Bruised Spirits


Ah, Daisy. How I love your high spirits. You always come out on top. This is not to say you don’t have your challenges, but your attitude is always positive. I love the details of your wardrobe, glimpses of Pasadena in the 20s, and your love relationship with Det. Sam Rotondo. In spite of yourself you seem to become entangled in mysteries. This time, it’s the problem of a woman brought to you when she is badly beaten by her husband. When can you do but call on your friend, the wealthy Harold, to harbor this woman. Her family won’t help her and neither will her church. The law is not going to interfere between a man and his wife. That means Daisy is her only hope. Then her husband is discovered murdered. Daisy has her hands full trying to keep her family and her beloved Sam Rotondo from finding out.

I’m sorry to have run out of the Daisy Gumm mysteries. This is the final book until Alice Duncan finishes the next one, which I will buy as soon as it becomes available. Write faster, Alice!