The Curator ® Bill Gekas used with permission http://www.billgekas.com

I am blessed to come from a family of readers. My parents started every day with a cup of coffee and the local newspaper. They read for pleasure. They read to each other, and they read to their children. Of all the gifts one can give a child, love of reading has to be one of the most precious. I am grateful for this gift from my parents.

Now I am an adult, a retired nurse, and my parents are gone. I never outgrew the gift they gave me. I still love to read. I love words, and I love books. Now I read using an electronic device more than a physical book, but the pleasure is the same. The Kindle, makes it easier for me to read in the interstitial spaces of my life, those snippets of time while I’m waiting for the doctor, standing in line, waiting for a friend, soaking in the tub. Even, I confess, at a red light. It’s amazing how much reading can be done in those in-between times.

As a retired registered nurse, I have more large blocks of time for uninterrupted reading, but I still treasure the interstitial periods of my life and try to put them to good use.

Kilian Metcalf


Professional Reader