Andie Andrews


This is kind of a silly book about a woman who is writing a country-western romance. In order to add verisimilitude to an otherwise bald and unconvincing narrative, she decides to take riding lessons. Now why a country-western romance writer decides to take lessons in a high-end dressage barn is beyond me, but that is what she does.

Told from alternating viewpoint of a broken-down cow pony name Sonny, we follow Clarissa as she enters the world of high-end show horses. Along the way, she catches the eye of a young, handsome, Argentinian dressage teacher. He could have any of the young, nubile women thirsty after his body, but he is attracted to this middle-aged writer on an old cow pony.

Clarissa’s life comes to a crisis when her husband asks her to come to Paris where he is enjoying a vacation. Which is it to be? Her boring husband of many years, or the hot Argentinian teacher with his mysterious, tragic past?





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