Dreamer’s Pool

Juliet Marilier


I started this trilogy in the middle. Tower of Thorns turned up on one of my low-cost subscription lists, and I bought it. I hadn’t finished chapter one before I knew that I had to read the first book to learn how the unlikely partnership of Blackthorn and Grim had come to be. So I put aside Tower of Thorns and ordered Dreamer’s Pool from the library. OMG. So good. I put aside all my usual reading until I had finished all three of the books in the trilogy.

Blackthorn, a bitter, wounded women is set free from her captivity by one of the fae. He puts two conditions on her freedom: she much stay within the boarders of the kingdom of Dalriada, and she must offer her help to whoever asks it. At the end of seven years, she will be freed. Consumed with hatred and a desire for revenge upon the man who unjustly imprisoned her, she agrees. Followed by Grim, a fellow prisoner, she moves to the kingdom of Dalriada and sets herself up as a wise woman, a healer.

Smallfolk come to her for healing, but it is when the Prince of Dalriada asks for her help, that she is challenged to the maximum of her powers. Intrigued by the story of his betrothed, a woman who seems so different from the one he grew to love through her letters, she begins to unravel the truth.

When I finished this book I couldn’t wait to start on Tower of Thorns to find out what happens next.


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