The Crossing Places

Elly Griffith


I like to read several books at once, reading a chapter then moving on. Occasionally, a book so grips my imagination that I stop all other reading and give it all my attention. This is one such book. I put all my other reading aside and concentrated on this book until I finished it. Unfortunately, my budget doesn’t go to buying books for my Kindle, unless they are cut price, so I have to wait until my name comes to the top of the waiting list.

I can’t quite put my finger on what I like about this book. One thing that I enjoyed was spotting the bad guy from the start. I never can tell who the murderer is until the big reveal, but this I fingered him from the start. In a more remarkable circumstance, I remember who it was. I like to read mysteries more for the characters of the main characters, which means I forget the murderer immediately and can reread the mystery for the pleasure of the interaction of the main characters. This one has both—the puzzle and the joy of the main characters. I’m including the salt marsh as one of the characters. I love her descriptions of the land.

I usually am very critical of the writing, but in this case, I was so roped into the story, that I was willing to overlook the occasional clunky sentence and awkward use of present tense. It is a debut novel, after all. I’m sure her writing will improve as she settles into the series.


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