Jane and Prudence

Barbara Pym


The more I read of Barbara Pym, the more I like her. She’s the sort of writer that grows on one.  She full of humor and wit, but never uproariously funny. She is slyly witty, but never at the expense of her characters. It helps if you have some experience of the Anglican church, its clerics and hapless wives to get the full benefit of her humor, but even without it, the reader will get some benefit from her gentle needling of its pompous clergy and incompetent priests’ wives.

The perfect book for a rainy day.


2 thoughts on “Jane and Prudence

  1. Having discovered Barbara Pym in the days before the Internet, I had to find her out-of-print books (along with those of Margery Stark) by writing to second-hand bookstores and visiting those in the DC area. Worth the trouble.


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