Illegal Contact

Santino Hassell


This was a fun, light m/m romance involving a professional football player and a needy personal assistant.

Gavin is on house arrest, wearing an ankle bracelet that notifies the cops if he leaves for an unauthorized outing. Noah is a down and out young man looking for any job to help pay off his student loans, even a job babysitting a giant athlete with anger issues.

The story of how they overcome their prejudices and learn to like each other makes up the bulk of this book. Along the way, we gain insight into the life of a professional athlete. Hours working out, eating the right balance of calories, proteins and carbs, and learning to control his temper take up Gavin’s time.

Noah has to learn to respect his employer and learn that a professional athlete is more than a bunch of muscle chasing a ball. The price Gavin pays makes Noah wonder if it’s worth it, learning to respect his employer along the way.

It’s a real eye-opener.


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