The Flowering Thorn

Margery Sharp


When a relative’s companion dies, 28-year-old Lesley Frewen impulsively adopts the four-year-old Patrick left behind. Regarding the child as  little more than a pet, Lesley soon learns that children need a certain environment to thrive, and 1920s London isn’t it, at least as part of her socialite life. So Lesley moves to the country and takes a cottage. Little by little country life seems to grow on the young woman. Of course the reader realizes that it is the young woman who is growing.

One of my pet peeves, is plot moppets who lisp their way through a novel. There’s none of that in this book.  Patrick is very much in the background, while the focus is on Lesley and her growth, until returning to London becomes impossible for her.

The account of country life and the individuals who make up her household and neighbors are what make this book so charming. Margery Sharp at her best.


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