Louise Erdrich


This is one book that is guaranteed to get you in all the feels. Starting off with a hunting accident that ends in the death of a five-year-old boy, and going through all the family members touched by the incident, Erdrich never lets up.

Landreaux takes a shot at a deer, but at the last minute the deer springs away, and he realizes he has killed his best friend’s son, Dusty, To make amends, he and his wife give the family their own son, LaRose. This is only the beginning of a multi-generational epic, as Landreaux seeks redemption.

This book has so many themes: loss, suicide, forgiveness, redemption—that I wonder how Erdrich managed to keep track of them. Throughout the book, the stories of the various generations of people named LaRose tie them all together in a masterpiece of fiction.

I started reading this as a library book, but soon I realized that one reading is not enough to take in the richness. I bought a copy for my Kindle so I could re-read it at my leisure.



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