Leap of the Lion

Cherise Sinclair


I know it’s almost blasphemous, but I like this series even better that the Shadowlands series. There’s something about shapeshifters that is so much more fun than the BDSM setting of the Shadowlands.

This is the most recent of the series. The focus is on Darcy, a prisoner of the Scythe, a large, powerful organization trying to learn the secrets of shifters. They control the male shifters by holding the females captive. Darcy is forced into shifting for the first time under extreme pressure. Discovered eavesdropping on the Director, she shifts into her mountain lion form and escapes only to find herself trapped in a form she cannot change back from.

Rescued by the guardian of the territory, she is given shelter and put under the protection of two experienced shifters. The two brothers couldn’t be more unlike. Gawain is a blade-mage, with extraordinary Goddess-give gifts of metal work. Easy going and cordial, Darcy is drawn to his gentleness and goodness. Owen, on the other hand, dislikes all women in general and Darcy in particular. He is grumpy and rude.

In spite of Darcy’s growing love for both the brothers, she is determined to leave Cold Creek and find her brothers, held captive by the Scythe. Her journey makes up the bulk of this satisfying and sexy story from a master storyteller.


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