Winter of the Wolf

Cherise Sinclair


Happy at last after years in the foster care system, Breeanne is settled with a job she loves and a roommate who is the closest thing to family she has ever had. Then her world is shattered by an attack by a monster. He kills her roommate, attacks her, and leaves her bleeding and broken. Determined to bring her life back together, she takes the only clue to family she has—an old photograph of her and her parents in front of the Wild Hunt Tavern.

Taking the photograph, she rents a cabin in Cold Creek and sets out to find anyone who remembers her family. In the end, she finds much more that she was looking for. The managers of the Wildwood Lodge, Zeb and Shay, are more than willing to help her in any way they can.

This second book in the Wild Hunt series is as good as the first.



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