A Book of Bees: And How to Keep Them

Sue Hubbell



My grandfather kept bees on his property in Nevada. When we went to visit, I would spend hours lying in the grass by the hives just watching the bees. I was too young to be afraid, and no one knew what I was doing, so there were no warnings. It was a remarkable time of freedom for a young child. When my mother expressed worry if I had been gone so long, my grandfather told her not to worry. His dog Queenie, my constant companion, would keep me safe. And so she did.

I have always been fascinated by bees. I have never lived in a place that would accommodate keeping them, so it was always an unrequited love. I have read so many books about bees, fiction and non-fiction over the years that I feel I know them. I will pick up any book with bees in the title, and I have learned much about them. Ms Hubbell’s book is the latest in a long series.

Keeping and maintaining more than 300 hives is far beyond anything I had imagined. It is a full-time, year-round occupation with periods of intent activity. She describes her year from the high of a honey flow to the relative down-time of winter. Each season brings its own work to fill the hours. There is no vacation for a large bee-keeping/honey producer.

If you are at all interested in keeping bees, this book is full of valuable, if dated, information.


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