Quick Bright Things Come to Confusion

Mary Pagones


I have no idea why the photo is sideways, but it’s the same on Goodreads and Amazon.

The sequel to Fortune’s Fool, it tells the story of Simon, who has accepted a job as a working student at a German eventing barn. Hoping to get more riding time, Simon finds himself spending more time pushing a wheebarrow than riding. Fed up, he quits and returns to America. To make up for lost time, he takes a job with a well-known rider. Simon soon clashes with his boss’s ethics, and that, added to the fact that Simon is nearly as good a rider, soon leads to unemployment.

In this second book Simon struggles with the reality of the eventing world, complicated by the fact that his father left him enough money to live on, but not enough to set up his own barn.

All this is complicated by Simon’s own personality faults. He’s not arrogant exactly, he just knows he’s always right. Like many high-achieving people, his focus on one thing make him pretty hard to be around. In spite of his flaws, I wish him well, and on to the third book, hoping he’ll find his happy ending.


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