The Nutmeg Tree

Margery Sharp

The Nutmeg Tree: A Novel by [Sharp, Margery]

Relax, take off your shoes, put your feet up, and get a drink. Prepare to be entertained by a light romantic comedy by a mistress of the form.

You can count on Margery Sharp for a confection of light romance with sweet witty overtones, and this book delivers. A madcap heroine, Julia Packett, receives an invitation to her daughter’s wedding in France. Julia’s husband died shortly after their wedding, leaving her with a baby on her hands. Doing the sensible thing, she gave guardianship of the baby to the grandparents and continues her unconventional lifestyle, living on air, and moving from place to place and job to job.

Now she’d rather like to go to France to see her daughter married and live off her in-laws for a spell. You see, money is a little tight, and Julia barely scrapes together enough to carry her to France. Something will come up, she is sure, that will enable her to return to England when the time comes.

Julia reminds me of Holly Golightly in her ability to live on air and attract men who want to take care of her. Of course, with a grown daughter, she is getting a bit long in the tooth for this lifestyle. Maybe it’s time to settle down.

By the end of the book, she has found the right man for her, settled her daughter’s engagement problems, and never has to worry about money again. Delightful.



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