See What I Have Done

Sarah Schmidt


On August 4, 1892, Andrew and Abby Borden are murdered in their own house. Their daughter Lizzie is taken into custody eight days later. After 10 months in prison, she is found not guilty of the murder and released, but suspicion lingers around her as she lives out her life in Fall River. No other suspects are taken into custody.

These are the bare bones of one of the most sensational murder cases in American history. Ms Schmidt takes the bare bones and clothes them in details of tension, dysfunction, and family undercurrents.

The book is well written, but nothing can disguise the repellent nature of all the people involved. The house full of the smells of summer: sweat, rancid food, and vomit. Meticulous details of the sources of these smells are lingered over in detail. I would not recommend reading this book in the summer.



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