MaddAddam Trilogy

Margaret Atwood


I love Margaret Atwood and have ever since my book club choose her Alias Grace as a selection several years ago. I’ve been a fangrrl ever since. Aside from The Blind Assassin, which I found baffling, I have loved everything I have ever read by her. One of my favorites is the MaddAddam trilogy, which I just finished binge-reading, along with Handmaid’s Tale, which I haven’t finished yet. I chose the cover from The Year of the Flood because it is my favorite of the three. I have read it five times and listened to it  on audible once. I enjoyed the audible version so much, I bought a copy. It is just that good. Hearing the God’s Gardeners’ hymn set to music enriches the experience so much. They sound so like the horrible Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) played today in the megachurches, that I am sure Atwood is taking a sly poke at them.

The first time I read Oryx & Crake, I didn’t much care for it. It seem too short, as if there was more to the story. It just stopped, rather than coming to an end. Of course, I didn’t know at the time that Atwood was planning a trilogy. Read as the opening book, it makes sense. It gives us a background for the major characters and lays the background for the events to come in The Year of the Flood. The final volume, MaddAddam, wraps everything up and answers the question of what happens to the characters in The Year of the Flood.

I can’t think of a more satisfying reading experience. It’s Atwood at her best, and that’s very good indeed.


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