All Hallows’ Eve

Charles Williams


I’m going to have to start reading books that are easier to categorize. What is this book? A ghost story? A thriller? A paranormal? Inspirational? Yes, all of these and more. Charles Williams’ novels are unlike any others. Although not my favorite (that would be Descent into Hell) this holds the reader’s attention throughout the book. At the beginning, Lester is waiting on a bridge to meet her newly-married husband, Richard. She is angry because he has kept her waiting. Gradually she realizes that she is dead, killed by a falling airplane. Killed in the same accident is her friend Evelyn. Together they roam London. Their third friend, Betty, is in mortal danger from a mysterious man, Simon Magus, who seeks power over her. In Williams’ world being dead is no excuse for inaction when necessary, and Lester begins to work to save Betty.

The story of Betty’s peril, and the spiritual growth of Lester make up the center of the novel.



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