A Shameful Murder

Cora Harrison


With this book, Cora Harrison starts a new series of cozy mysteries. Set in Cork, Ireland, during the troublesome 1920s, it features the attractive nun, Mother Aquinas. Head of a school for poor children, the reverend mother uses her family background and contacts among Cork’s wealthiest families to further her investigation. It helps also that at age 70, she has years of teaching to extend her contacts to reach into all levels of society.

The story begins with her finding a body at the convent gates. Washed down the river by recent rains, the body is clothed in evening dress. A lovely young girl, cut down in the prime of her life, it is truly a shameful murder. Spared the day to day grind of an investigation, she is able to use a police sergeant to do her footwork. Aided by the skills of a doctor friend, a very wealthy cousin, and a journalist former student, she is able to unravel the mystery of this girls death.

I liked the setting and the character of the elderly reverend mother for this satisfying read.


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