Named of the Dragon

Susanna Kearsley


I didn’t enjoy this story as much as I have other Kearsley novels. The romantic element was barely there, and the suspense was simply confusing.

Literary agent Lyn is lured to Wales by her most important client, children’s book author/illustrator Bridget. Lyn, a widow, is mourning the death of her child. She is not best please by constantly being thrown into the company of Elen, a near neighbor, with a small child, much the same age as her own.

The male characters include a writer, Gareth, that Lyn is supposed to be enticing to switch to her agency, but she doesn’t do anything to lure him. There is a young man sniffing around Bridget.

The most entertaining and interesting character is Chance, a long-haired Jack Russell, who has more personality than any of the other characters.

That being said, if you are a Mary Stewart fan, I think you’ll like this. At least her heroine isn’t too stupid to live.


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