True Alpha (Shifters In Seattle)

Alisa Woods


Maybe it’s age, or long-time exposure to erotica, but sex scenes don’t do it for me. I guess I’m jaded, but they just don’t make my lady parts tingle anymore. Perhaps a younger reader would find more enjoyment.

That being said, the non-sexy parts of the story were pretty good. College girl Mia Fiore is quitting her job at a lousy bar, when she is attacked by three wolves outside. Rescued by a handsome, large wolf, she is saved and escorted safely home. When she reports next day for her internship at a dot-com, guess who her boss is? If you said the sexy, handsome wolf who saved her, you’d be right. He wants her, but has a deep dark secret that keeps him from committing.

Stuff happens, and they get their HEA you’ve been waiting for. Along with the hero/heroine, I enjoyed her roommate Jupiter AKA Jeeter, with her flamboyance and attitude. I wouldn’t mind reading a book about her.


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