Written in My Own Heart’s Blood

Diana Gabaldon


I first started reading this bloated and undisciplined melodrama in November 2014, and it has taken me two years to wade through Gabaldon’s most recent book.

The plot is so complicated with subplots that each character gets only a few pages before we jump to another subplot. Of course there’s Claire and Jamie, now an officer in the Continental army; Ian, Jamie’s nephew, an Indian scout for the army; various other relations of Jamie’s, including his sister Jenny and her offspring; Brianna (in modern times) and Roger, who has traveled back to the 18th century searching for his lost son; Sir John, an officer in the British army and his brother; and William, Jamie’s illegitimate son who was raised by Sir John, also an officer in the British army. At least, if I recall correctly no one gets raped in this book.

Why do I punish myself by reading these books as they come out if I dislike them so. Well, aside from a certain masochism, when she wants to Gabaldon can write a compelling scene. That’s one reason. The second is that I’ve spent nearly 20 years reading these books, and they have to end soon. Please God.





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