Waiting for Snow in Havana

Carlos Eire


I heard this author interviewed on NPR, so when it turned up for $1.99 for Kindle, I decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did. How this kid survived his childhood with all the dangerous activities he engaged in is a mystery, but he did. His father and mother were completely convinced they were the reincarnations of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, so when Fidel came to power, they had a ‘here we go again’ attitude, only this time they were determined to escape before the revolutionary tumbrils rattled down the streets to pick them up.

They had to split the family up to leave the country. The children went first, expecting to reunite with their mother within a matter of months. Instead years followed of living in orphanages and foster homes before they were united. Their father did not leave Cuba, but stayed behind.

Cuba, as seen through the eyes of an upper-class child before Fidel, was a paradise. Except for the lizards. He hated lizards, and there were millions on the island. He killed as many as he could, but they won in the end.



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