Long Upon the Land

Margaret Maron


A pleasant ending to a pleasant series. The 20th and last of the Deborah Knott series, Long Upon the Land, looks back in time, telling the story of Deborah’s mother and father, their courtship and marriage. Interwoven in their story is that of a mysterious soldier and his secret. Along with this is a man found dying on her father’s land. Tainted by a long-standing feud with her father who finds the dying man, Deborah and Dwight have to clear Kezzie’s name before the rumors hang the murder on him.

It isn’t easy to maintain the quality of a series, much less for as long as this one has been going. Maron, a Grand Mistress of crime, is up to the task. Each book reveals more of Deborah’s background, while simultaneously advancing her love story and putting a pretty mystery for her to solve. Each story is as satisfying as the one before it. I’ve been reading these books since I was given the first, Bootlegger’s Daughter, when I was hospitalized for knee replacement surgery. A perfect gift, I have been enjoying these books for nearly four years.

I’ll be sorry to say goodbye to Judge Knott, but I have 20 books to reread and enjoy again and again.


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