The Undoing

Shelly Laurenston


When you look up ‘guilty pleasure’ in the dictionary, right under dark chocolate raspberry creams, you’ll find books by Laurenston. Her books make me glad I can pretend I’m reading Thomas Hardy on my Kindle, when actually I’m reveling in the awesomesauce that is the Call of Crows Series. Even better that her Pride series, this series is smart and funny and they’re not jumping into bed every other page. Every other chapter, maybe.

The Pride series has a certain appeal (who doesn’t love a millionaire were-lion, ex-Seal in love with a NYPD detective?), but this series has it in spades. Maybe it’s the Scandinavian  mythology mixed in with hunky men, intelligent women, and flying dogs, that combine to make the ultimate pleasure series.  My only regret is that there are only two books in the series, with one due out next year. I can hardly wait, and I willing part with the dollars to pay full price. Anybody who spins a yarn this good deserves the money.


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