The Summer Queen

Elizabeth Chadwick


I have to say I’m a bit burnt out on historical biography, whether fiction or non-fiction. I’m reading books by Jean Plaidy, Alison Weir, and Elizabeth Chadwick. I like Jean Plaidy the best, Alison Weir (non-fiction) and Elizabeth Chadwick the least. She writes well enough, but I think she takes too much time to tell her tale. What Weir and Plaidy can write in one book, Chadwick draws out into at least three.

This is the first of three novels about Eleanor of Aquitaine, and I have no desire to read the other two. There is nothing wrong with this book. Elizabeth Chadwick has a gift for recreating the time period she writes about, and the people who lived in it. Without using anachronisms, she bring them both to life. She has a lively imagination she uses to fill in the blanks that history leaves about her characters.

I bought this book from one of my discount subscription services, so I am not unhappy with the price. Maybe if the other two become available for $1.99 or less, I might be tempted.


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