The Tea Planter’s Wife

Dinah Jefferies

 The Tea Planter's Wife: A Novel by [Jefferies, Dinah]
I received a review copy from Netgalley.
A long melodrama about people in Ceylon in the 1920s, this book traces the fates of its characters set against the background of a tea plantation in the beautiful countryside of Ceylon. The events take place before independence and name change to Sri Lanka.
Gwen meets Lawrence, a handsome young widower, in England. Swept off her feet by his exotic lifestyle, she marries him and is carried off to his tea plantation in Ceylon. Gwen has very little agency, and when she does take action it end in disaster. She tries to keep her action secret from Lawrence, and it stifles her love for him. Jealous of the women who surround him, she sinks into a depression.When she finally reveals his secret, she discovers Lawrence has been keeping secrets from her, too.
The book is well-written and redeemed by its detailed descriptions of Ceylon and its people.

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