Monday the Rabbi Took Off

Harry Kemelman


Even in Israel the rabbi can get in trouble. Of course his board of directors back home is plotting his termination, that’s a given. While the rabbi is in Israel, they take advantage of his absence to work on his dismissal.

Miriam and David are staying at an apartment arranged for by Miriam’s aunt who knows somebody with an empty apartment available. Miriam’s aunt knows everybody in Israel, which comes in handy. When a boy a member of his congregation has asked him to look up is charged by the police with a serious crime, David springs into action.

There is a formula to the novels: the rabbi’s board of directors is trying to fire him, there’s a murder to solve, the rabbi solves the murder, the board of directors drops the effort to fire him. Well, there’s a certain comfort to a formula. One doesn’t have to worry about novelty. It became a pleasure to see how Kemelman would find a way to work within it this time.




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