Arthur Hailey


This turned up on one of my free/low cost book subscription services recently and I bought it. I remember reading this years ago, and decided to give it a try to see how well it stood up over the years. It held up remarkably well, considering.

I had forgotten all of Hailey’s shortcomings such as the leaden conversations and the tendency of characters to stand around giving each other lectures. He wasn’t much of a prophet, either, but no matter. He could plot a plot that keeps you turning pages to see what happens next, even if you feel slightly embarrassed to be caught up in the melodrama.

Will the Duke and Duchess of Croyden get away with a felony? Will the thief make off with a motherlode of jewelry and cash from the hotel? Will the hotel owner find the funding he needs before the mortgage comes due and he is forced to sell his only hotel to the man who owns a chain of cookie-cutter hotels? and so on and on.

It’s plot points like these and more that keep me turning pages until the book is finished and everything is resolved. That being said, I’m not going on an Arthur Hailey binge read any time in the near future. Unless Airport turns up for $1.99, then I might reconsider. I want to find out if that plane blows up.


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