Moby Dick

Herman Melville


I started reading this book in 2012. This is not a book to be raced through. It is a book to linger over, savoring each word.

This is the second time I attempted to read this book. The first time, I abandoned the effort, thankful that I escaped being assigned it in high school. I cannot imagine how a high school adolescent could possibly begin to understand the intricacies and the subtleties of this novel.

The audible version was my key to this novel. Hearing it read by a professional made it possible for me to understand the poetry. Even the encyclopedic portions of whale information were interesting. As I read, I could imagine this book as an opera, with the various crew members as a Greek chorus, or a trio, or various soloists. I know there is an opera, but I have not had the opportunity to see it.

At the heart of the book is the increasing madness of Captain Ahab, which results in the death of every crew member, save for Ishmael. He alone is left to tell the story of how this one man’s obsession with the white whale brings death and destruction down on his crew.

An epic story.




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