Big Brother

Lionel Shriver


What do we owe a sibling? Houseroom for a month or two? Money when he needs it? Our marriage? These are the questions Pandora Appaloosa faces when her famous jazz pianist brother comes to visit her in Iowa. Pandora is happy to be the wife of a fine woodworker/custom furniture make and mother to his two children.

Edison Appaloosa hasn’t had a gig for a while. He has put on some weight and tips the scale at 386 pounds. He can’t find a chair to hold him; he can’t find clothes to fit him; he can’t walk without getting short of breath. And still he eats and eats.

Watching him killing himself is more than Pandora can stand. Putting her life and marriage on hold for a year, she agrees to move into an apartment and coach Edison until he regains his normal weight.

Lionel Shriver is a mistress of getting into a woman’s mind and show how she deals with life. Whether it is horrific or slightly comedic, she explores every nook and cranny of the woman’s mind and lay it all bare for us.











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