Designated Daughters

Margaret Moran


This is the 17th title in the Deborah Knott Bryant series of cozy mysteries by Margaret Maron and I have enjoyed every one of them. Because I read mysteries for the characters instead of the mystery, I couldn’t tell you who the murderer was six months after I have read a book. This means I can read a mystery again and again. I think I have read Nine Tailors at least four times over the years, and I’m always surprised by the murderer.

This one fits neatly into the series, with information that furthers the relationship between Deborah, Dwight and Cal. There’s memories of the past that still have an impact on the present and refuse to die.

I think the setting is one of the major attractions for me. Several of the characters have lived in Colleton County all their lives and belong to large families. I don’t always remember all their names or their relationships but the strong family love is there. They have lived in the same house, and their children grow up among the same people.

Lucky characters!











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