Ancient Spirits (Daisy Gumm #6)

Alice Duncan

Ancient Spirits (A Daisy Gumm Majesty Mystery, Book 6) by [Duncan, Alice]

Daisy’s husband has finally died, thank God. Daisy is distraught so Harold has the bright idea to take Daisy to Egypt. In August. Its barely two month since Billy died and Daisy is wasting away to nothing. Something must be done, and Harold has the money to do it. He chooses Egypt because Billy had read so much about it in National Geographic.

Howsomever, Egypt is a bust so Daisy and Harold pick up and head out for Turkey, where things start to pick up. Daisy’s appetite returns and Sam Rotondo appears on the scene, accompanied by two English policemen, convinced that Daisy is endangered. He’s not far wrong, but Daisy is far better at taking care of herself than Sam is. When Sam is kidnapped, Daisy insists on joining the rescue party.

All this helps take her mind off Billy’s death, and the money Mrs Pinkerton pays her in gratitude for putting her daughter on the right path make it possible for Daisy to buy gifts for everyone and enjoy herself. She returns to Pasadena refreshed and ready to return to normal life.
















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