The Mane Event

Shelly Laurenston


This book is actually two novellas:  Christmas Pride and Shaw’s Tail

The first tells the story of Mace Llewellyn, a rich beyond imagining lion shapeshifter and the love of his life, a human ex-marine NYPD detective, Desiree MacDermott. Mace has loved Dez ever since elementary school.

After serving his time as a Navy SEAL and bonding with a fellow SEAL who is a werewolf, he decides its time to make his move on Dez.

The story is an excuse to match the two in sex every page or so, yet somehow her humor and joy between the characters pull the reader in. The scenes are full of humor, and both characters enjoy themselves so much the reader is invited to enjoy it, too.

Shaw’s Tail offers the story of Mace’s brother, Brendon Shaw, who starts out badly: three broken ribs, a broken collarbone, broken kneecaps and internal bleeding. If he can only get out of the tunnel where he had an encounter with a pack of hyenas he will probably survive. Too bad he can’t walk.

Then he smells something wonderful and powerful; something to give him a reason to live. He was definitely in love. Rhonda Lee Reed was the most beautiful thing he have ever seen. He would just have to overcome one slight problem:

Both stories are full of joyful sex as the couple work out their differences.

I’m not very interested in rich lion SEAL shapeshfters so I won’t be buying any more of this series. Besides, I’m totally engrossed in her Call of Crows series. I guess I like stories based on Norse saga and eddas better that lions and dogs, also there is a lot less sex, and much more romance.










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