Sideways and Backwards

by Heather Teysko


This entertaining time travel story follows the adventures of a young woman in England named Tasha Delancourt. At 35 she has reached the summit of a solid job as editor in chief at Court Magician. Waking up the morning after the night before with her phone ringing, 187 messages, and those photos . . .

Her publicist advises her to lie low for a while and let her do some damage control. She might be able to salvage her position, but it’s going to be a major job. Deciding to take her advice, she heads out for a quiet weekend in Cambridge. Sitting in a pew at evensong at Kings, she enters into the spirit of the music and begins to meditate on the direction her life has taken lately. When the room begins to spin, she attributes it at first to the hangover she still feels. Then she passes out.

When she wakes up it is 1539, and her adventures begin. She is befriended by a scholar named Matthew and a midwife named Alice, who try to help her return to her own time while avoiding being burned as a witch in 1539.

This book a lively account of the daily routine in 1539 and brings to life the challenges facing women without a man to protect them. It also stresses the dangers facing a woman who is not properly submissive to man’s authority.

Teysko deftly handles the challenges of life in 16th century England as well as the challenge her heroine faces in trying to read her own time.

I expected nothing less from the host of the podcast Renaissance English History.



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